FAS Synchroturn

The FAS Synchroturn is a 6 Axis Multi-slide CNC Lathe.

It is typically 3 times as fast as conventional CNC lathes because as many as four tools can work simultaneously on the workpiece.

It incorporates the following features:

  • 8-station Turret moves in 2 axes
  • Independent Turning Slide moves in 2 axes
  • Independent Forming Slide
  • Independent Parting Slide
  • 1   Second Chucking Time
  • .5  Second Turret Indexing Time
  • Parts Catcher standard equipment
  • Swarf Conveyor standard equipment
  • Multi-processing P.C. Based Controller with User-friendly Interface

The Synchroturn is a drop-in replacement for a cam automatic lathe and produces quicker cycle times. It is also far more versatile and user-friendly.  Both Chucking and Turret Indexing are achieved electromechanically resulting in minimum non-productive times. This also eliminates the need for pneumatics and hydraulics.


Work Area showing 8-station Turret, Parting 
Slide, Forming Slide & Turning Slide.

The Synchroturn Lathe uses a Galtec multi-processing controller which allows four programs to execute simultaneously so that four tools can move concurrently on different tool paths.The programs use the industry standard G – Codes and both programming and machine operation are designed to be extremely user-friendly. 
Model   S42 S60
Maximum Bar Capacity with collet mm 42 60
Minimum Chucking time secs 1 1
Spindle Drive      
Variable AC Drive KW 5.5 5.5
Standard Speed range R.P.M. 150-4000 100-3000
Turret Slide      
No. of Stations   8 8
Maximum Stroke (Z)   230 230
Maximum Stroke (X)   72 72
Maximum Thrust (Z) N 2000 2000
Maximum Thrust (X) N 1500 1500
Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 12 12
Index Time secs 0.5 0.5
Indexing accuracy secs 6 6
Cross Slides      
Maximum Stroke mm 50 50
Maximum Thrust mm 1500 1500
Longitudinal slide      
Maximum Stroke mm 120 120
Rapid Traverse rate m/min 12 12
Maximum Thrust N 2000 2000
Main dimensions      
Spindle centre above floor mm 1100 1100
Length excluding Barfeed mm 1900 1900
Length including Barfeed mm 4300 4300
Width mm 1000 1000
Height mm 1880 1880
Weight (approx.) Kgs 1800 1800
Bar Capacity (length) mm 1500 1500
Bar Capacity (diameter) mm 42 60