FAS Faslathe

The Faslathe is different from other cam-operated lathes because there is no need to design or fit job-specific cams. The unique design allows change over times of less than 30 minutes while maintaining optimum cycle times.

As many as 5 tools can work simultaneously on the workpiece.
The machine is of synchronous design such that spindle speed can be altered without affecting feed rates or the timing of events.

 Work Area

Typical components that can be made on the Faslathe   Actuator Area  

The Faslathe incorporates the following features:

Universal Cams Fitted at factory for the life of the machine. No other cams need be designed, made or fitted.
Constant Feed Rate Feed Rates are maintained irrespective of spindle speed.
Infinitely Variable Spindle Speed Allows optimum spindle speed to be set quickly and accurately.
Quick-retract Cross Slides Allows collet removal without disturbing tooling.
Constant Deadstop Operation Deadstops need not be readjusted with changes in size.
Tool Overlapping Cross Slides are spaced at 70° allowing complete overlapping of tools without fouling.
Rigid Construction All cutting forces are contained within the heavily-reinforced box-section Headstock Casting.
Stable Slide Geometry The asymmetric Cross Slide geometry promotes stable chatter-free forming
Tool Interchangeability All Cross Slides are identical allowing complete interchangeability of Cross Slide tooling
Pre-forming All Cross Slides have generous lateral adjustment to permit forming behind the parting tool.
Micro-setting Micrometer adjust and hand-clamp on 10 setting variables
Fingertip Setting No hand tools necessary for any of the following:
Change of Spindle Speed
Change of Cycle Time
Timing of Cams
Memory Setting Diametral, Lateral and Tool Height Parameters stored memory-setting Block

Synchronised Threading Attachment

The unique, patented threading attachment allows accurate cutting of threads by simply setting length and pitch parameters.

Threading sequence consisting of Index – Thread on – Thread off – Index is triggered by retract of drill and controlled by the on-board synchronised camshaft

The attachment uses an overrun threading strategy where the tap or die is rotated at different speeds. Because the main spindle speed is not altered, this allows forming and parting operations to continue while threading is taking place.


FASlathe Specifications

F26 F40
Capacity through Workspindle mm    
  round 26 40
  hex 22.5 35
  square 18 28
Spindle Speeds R.P.M. 850-4500 600-3000
Cycle Times secs. 2-70 3-100
Number of Cross Slides   4 4
Maximum Drill Stroke mm 100 100
Motor Power Kw    
  Main Drive 2.2 3
  Accelerator 0.75 0.75
  Coolant Pump 0.18 0.18
Dimensions (excl. Barfeed) mm    
  Length 1400 1400
  Width 600 600
  Height 1600 1600
Shipping Mass Kg 800 800