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FAS Machine Tools (Pty) Ltd, based inDurban,South Africawas established in 1999 by Mr. Peter Frow, current CEO of the company and a graduate mechanical engineer. The company’s mission was to provide the repetition turning sector with production lathes that would combine the user friendliness of a C.N.C. lathe with the fast cycle times of cam-operated automatic lathes, at an affordable price.

Cam-automatics achieve fast cycle times by having several tools working simultaneously, whereas most C.N.C. lathes are sequential machines applying one tool at a time to the workpiece.

However for the cam-automatic to achieve optimum production rates, job-specific cams must be designed, made, fitted and timed. This leads to long set-up times which tends to confine the cam-automatic to longer runs.

This was the impetus that eventually led to the birth of the company’s first product the Faslathe.

Was the Faslathe a success?

Yes, there are many Faslathes still in service today.

Where is the Faslathe manufactured?

Until recently the Faslathe was manufactured in South Africa, but now an associate company FAS Machine Tools India has been established and manufacture of the Faslathe  will take place in India while the parent company in South Africa will focus on the manufacture of the new Multi-slide CNC lathe called the Synchroturn 

What are the innovative features of the Faslathe?

Although the Faslathe belongs to the large family of cam-operated lathes, it is in fact a new generic type with many unique, patented features. The most striking result of this combination is that setup times are dramatically reduced, typically from half a day to half an hour. This means that the machine can be cost-effective down to small batch sizes

Of the features listed, the most important in achieving these results are:

Universal Cams:
Fitted for the life of machine: no other cams need be designed, made or fitted.

Constant Feed Rate:
Feed rates once set, are maintained irrespective of spindle speed.

Infinitely Variable Spindle Speed:
Allows optimum spindle speed to be set quickly and accurately.

Micro Setting:
Micrometer adjust and hand clamp on 10 setting variables.

Push Button Setting of Cycle Time:
Allows Cycle Time to be altered in seconds.

Push Button setting of Cam Timing:
Allows alteration of Camtiming in seconds.

Synchronized Threading:
Components can be threaded by setting of pitch and length variables on the Synchronized Threading Attachment. Thread production is unaffected by changes in spindle speed. The entire threading sequence including indexing, is pre-timed and synchronized to produce a wide variety of different threads.

What are the advantages of the Synchroturn lathe?

The Synchroturn is a fully computerized CNC lathe which is able to have as many as four tools working simultaneously on the workpiece.

It produces extremely quick cycle times compared with other CNC lathes.
It can make very complex parts because of its slide configuration and 8-station turret.
It has very fast chucking and indexing times.
It is easy to program
It is robust
It has a compact footprint
It does not use hydraulics or pneumatics. 

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